Malor Fett was a devious bounty hunter who tried to stay neutral and control the galaxy. His dreams will be one day realized of a galaxy without any jedis or sith. A dream to live life without any power controlling people and their actions.


Malor Fett is a ferociously malicious bounty hunter who never takes sides and loves to get paid. he will work for almost any price or rare item. He wears a special Red and Black Armor with a matching jetpack. Over that is a bright red trench coat with a red hat and orange sunglasses. Malor has Black hair and hardly wears a helmet unless he is doing a job.


Malor Fett Preferred to use guns and armor as opposed to ancient natural tech or light sabers.

  • JetPack
  • Sonic Gun
  • Blaster
  • Any Gun
  • Vibro blade
  • sniper Rifle

Malor Fett can use any sort of gun or weapon that is not jedi only.

Life StoryEdit

  • please note that these are all fictional, and may be routed to the RPG, though they very well may not be. They can be 100% made up. Just a word of caution.


Malo Fett was born on the remote planet of Felucia with parents who hunted wld animals. This instilled in Malor a love for hunting. When wars broke out between the jedi and sith Malor decided to use his skill to make some serious cash and get rare and powerful items. He grew up loving animals though, so would not ollect a bounty on them unless he seriously needed the cash or the reward was large enough.

Middle LifeEdit

Malor Fett had a rather interesting middle life. He ran bounties for both the jedi and sith. He captured a kaminoin cloner for Darth Adeous. Once he got into a fight with Adeous over stupid things, and Kidnapped Darth Wheedwacker to get back at him. Adeous gave Malor a seat of power on the sith council, and the 2 were friends before adeous fled. Malor also helped to fight the jedi and other teams for a decent sum.

Lifes EndEdit

Malor Fett lived a fairly long life and it was prosperous. He finally dies of old age, or so the rumor says. Some people claim that Malor lives in the shadows hunting down the jedi and sith killing them off one by one to for fill his prophecy of destroying all the jedi and sith. Maybe he did live forever or a ghost finishing an old mission given to himself by him.