Lord James Loyderas is a major Dark Lord of the Sith in the Jedi Vs Sith rpg.


Early HistoryEdit

Lord James Loyderas was born on Ruusan and found there by an ancient jedi master, no one knows who he is but some say it was prophecy, circa 25,000 BBY. He would later rise to the ranks of Jedi Master. His old master would vanish mysteriously. The Second Great Schism would weed out the ranks as James served on the council banishing the exiles just as his master had told him he would do. James and Odann Urr would later study the history of the ancient sith which James felt he had heard before from someone.

The Great Hyperspace WarEdit

Lord James would serve as a Jedi General commanding troops into combat.

The Mandalorian WarsEdit

Lord James served as a general again and lead many attacks. But, something wasnt adding up. He could feel his master still alive.

The Jedi Civil WarEdit

Lord James served as a general again and lead many attacks. Securing the position of the Jedi as number one.

First Jedi PurgeEdit

Lord James would flee for Ruusan once again and returned to Coruscant.

The Clone WarsEdit

Lord James Loyderas now an ancient Jedi Master. Believed he felt the sith were awake and alive before the wars. He had sensed a connection with them. During the Clone Wars Lord James fought off a large horde of CIS troops at the battle of Geonosis. Then he disappeared, forewarrned by his master who had told him. He went to Ruusan and would mask his force presecnce by an ancient trick his master told him. There was nothing truly jedi about his master he would learn.There he slept. Not aging but sleeping.

The TurningEdit

Lord James would awake and see the Universe in shambles the republic was growing and a new sith Lord was in power Feral Ragnos. James always aured of his destiny would work with the Jedi Order and then would betray it. He belive Feral Ragnos. Then, he became Lord James Loyderas, Dark Lord of the Sith, and he felt complete.

Ruling BalmorraEdit

Lord James Loyderas would rule Balmorra. Brining it to new levels of prosperity.

Kashyyyk SithEdit

Lord James Loyderas is currently the second in command of the Kashyyyk Sith. With the title Seth James Loyderas.