Corellia was the capital planet of the Corellian system, which included Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. It was also the birthplace of smuggler and New Republic General Han Solo and Rogue Squadron pilot and New Republic hero Wedge Antilles.

Collectively, the planets of the system were known as the Five Brothers. As the largest planet and the closest to Corell, Corellia was often called the "Eldest Brother" or the "Eldest." Historians believed the Celestials assembled the system artificially, the worlds brought from other parts of the galaxy for unknown reasons. Some believed that these Celestials populated Corellia with Humans from Coruscant.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Corellia's surface was extremely temperate, dominated by rolling hills, thick forests, lush farmland, golden beaches, and large seas. With most of its famed manufacturing centers lifted into orbit, the planet remained largely rural and undeveloped, with small villages and farming communities comprising the bulk of urban development. The largest cities were Coronet—the planetary capital, the tourist haven of Kor Vella, the double-city Tyrena, and the mountain hamlets of Doaba Guerfel and Bela Vistal. Immigrants from the neighboring planet of Selonia constructed an elaborate network of tunnels beneath the planet's surface. These Selonian Tunnels were used by people of all races as a kind of subterranean metropolis, though the deepest levels were traveled exclusively by Selonians. Space above Corellia was dominated by massive shipyards.



Native PlacesEdit

Selonians are one of many native species. A furry, burrowing species from the Corellian system, Selonians were large musteline carnivorous mammals with long, flexible spines. They were equally comfortable with traveling on all fours or upright. Most Selonians were infertile females. One in every hundred was male, and five in every hundred were fertile females. Selonians lived in clans called 'septs', always headed by a female. 'Septs' were organized into 'dens', which were made up of sterile females and a small number of breeder males and females. Although they did possess advanced technology, they generally stayed on Selonia.

Notable SpeciesEdit

  • Droid Graveyard
  • Shipyards

Special Units/SpaceShipsEdit

This place can build ANY ship.